Upcoming Events at the Beatrix Farrand Garden at Bellefield


12th Annual Bellefield Design Lecture

THOMAS RAINER - The Beauty of Biodiversity: Practical Strategies for More Lush, Abundant and Resilient Plantings

Date:  Sun,03-Jun-2018
Time:  2pm - 4pm

Thomas Rainer is a leading voice in ecological landscape design. He is a landscape architect, teacher, author and enthusiastic public speaker. Thomas has been featured in numerous publications including the New York Times, Landscape Architecture magazine, The Washington Post and others. While passionate about design and focusing on details, Thomas is a specialist in applying innovative planting concepts to create ecologically-functional designed landscapes. Come hear him share his insights on the beauty of biodiversity.

Tickets: $35.00 for Members and $45.00 for Non-Members


Date:  Sat,10-Mar-2018
Time:  9:30am to 12 noon

Join us for our exciting new LANDSCAPE DESIGN WORKSHOP! Learn how to apply Beatrix Farrand's landmark design ideas in your own garden. Bring your challenges and your ideas and three professional designers and horticulturists will be available to help you get your garden ready for a beautiful growing season.

Tickets: $50.00 for Members and $60.00 for Non-Members

HANDS-in-the-DIRT Workshop 4/17/18


Date:  Tue,17-Apr-2018
Time:  9am - 11am Rain or Shine

Join us at the Beatrix Farrand Garden at Bellefield for an exploration of the season for which we are all waiting! Hear about the seasonal markers from winter to spring, insect life cycles, emergence of perennials, early weed identification and much more!

Tickets: $0 for Members and $10.00 for Non-Members